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BOI Filing Solution That Increases Your Revenue While Eliminating Extra Work & Risk

Accounting firms & CPAs outsource their client's Beneficial Ownership reports with us. We ensure stress-free CTA compliance for your clients, giving you peace of mind and substantial passive income without lifting a finger.

Over 3,000 outsourced BOI reports filed

100% Hands Off

Passive Income

Avoid Legal Risk

Accurate & Secure

Why Outsource Your Client's BOI Reports?

Gain Back Valuable Time

We handle all aspects of the beneficial ownership report filing process, freeing up your time entirely. Our outsourcing process is 100% hands-off with no additional work required for our partnered CPAs and accounting firms. We do all the heavy lifting, ensuring stress-free and compliant filings for your clients. 

Collect Passive Income

Partnering with us provides accounting and legal firm owners with an optional percentage of the revenue from BOI report filings. Our collaborative approach aligns goals, ensuring client care remains a top priority for both parties. This mutually beneficial relationship prioritizes client satisfaction while creating an additional revenue stream for partners who opt in.

 Avoid Legal Risk

Error & Omissions insurance carriers like CAMICO, AON and others caution CPAs and accountants that filing BOI data for clients might be seen as practicing law without a license. Our collaboration addresses these concerns, ensuring compliant filings while protecting accountants from potential legal liabilities.

As Seen In

Joseph & Bryant is a proud sponsor of the following CPA & accounting organizations.

How it Works ?

Our outsourcing process is 100% hands-off with no additional work required for our partners. We do all the heavy lifting, ensuring stress-free and compliant filings for your clients.


Send an email to your clients.

Partners receive a unique filing link from us to share directly with clients via email. This link grants clients access to our secure filing platform, simplifying the entire process.


We take care of the rest.

We guide clients through every step of the filing process, from determining if their company is required to file , to the successful submission of their BOI report to FinCEN. Providing a stress-free and compliant experience for all involved.


Collect your passive income. (optional)

Partners who opt into our revenue-sharing structure receive their share at the end of each month, ensuring a seamless and timely compensation process.

About Us

Joseph & Bryant LLC is a Denver-based consulting firm specializing in assisting accountants and CPAs by filing BOI reports for their clients. Our team, composed of former accountants, consultants, and legal advisors, brings decades of extensive business knowledge.

We recognize that the new Beneficial Ownership reporting requirements have placed significant stress on CPAs and accounting firms. While these trusted advisors are dedicated to ensuring their clients remain compliant and well taken care of, the added workload and potential legal risks associated with filing these reports can be overwhelming.

With this in mind, we established our firm with one clear mission: to provide a 100% hands-off BOI filing solution for CPAs and accounting professionals. Our tailored solution, developed with extensive input from dozens of experienced CPAs, ensures every aspect meets our partners' unique needs. Creating a stress-free filing process for your clients.

The unique benefits of outsourcing with Joseph & Bryant.

100% Hands-Off

Our service is completely hands-off for CPAs and accounting firms. We handle every aspect of your client's BOI filing process, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities without added stress or workload.

Generate Passive Income

Our service is curated to take care of your clients and your firm, allowing you to generate substantial passive income through revenue share, while we handle the complexities of BOI reporting.

Real Human Touch

Ongoing Compliance

Our service offers a layer of real human touch by having a BOI expert review and file your clients' reports manually. Ensuring your clients receive the professional guidance and support they deserve, without relying on automated APIs or incompetent robots.

Rest assured, with our ongoing services, you'll never have to worry about a client falling out of compliance in the future. Our team diligently monitors all necessary updates and corrections to ensure continued compliance.

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Contact Us

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